HVAC Air Ducts

HVAC (an initialism meaning “heating, ventilation and air conditioning”) systems are something that greatly benefit our modern society but are often taken for granted. HVAC systems are necessary to keep indoor spaces warm, cool, and full of high-quality and clean air. In order to have an effective system, you need to have quality HVAC air ducts. ADCOR Fans specialize in flexible hose for heating, cooling, and venting in outside air to maintain high quality air control. Whether you want to cool a car, house, or industrial sized building, we have the right air duct hoses for the task.

“Ventilation” is the process of exchanging air in a space in order to improve the overall air quality. Maintaining this air quality often involves temperature control, carbon dioxide and bacteria removal, and oxygen replenishment. The key to successful ventilation lies with HVAC air ducts.
Properly installing HVAC air ducts requires manoeuvrability and flexibility. If air conditioner ducts cannot provide an efficient airflow from the outside and into the space you want to control air, then the HVAC system will fail to be effective. Fortunately, we offer several affordable fabric air duct hoses that are designed for the air movement that is necessary in HVAC systems. Fabric air conditioner ducts are perfect for jobs requiring the hose to be manoeuvrable enough for tight spaces like portable AC systems. In addition, fabric ducting are available in a wide range of ID sizes. Many of our flexible ducts feature an additional wear-strip that protects the air duct hoses when being moved across potentially rough surfaces such as walls or cables. When you consider the importance of having an air-tight, undamaged length of flex ducting you will see why protecting the exterior of your HVAC air ducts is highly important. Several of our fabric ducting are also insulated hoses making them optimal choices for applications in which temperature control is most important. Insulation improves the quality of cool air by maintaining cooler cooled air temperatures and reducing energy loss. Inside and out, our HVAC air ducts are purpose built to be durable and incredibly long-lasting.

For HVAC jobs that require stability and resistance to weathering, we offer aluminium and stainless-steel air conditioner ducts. These hoses offer a higher resistance to temperature than fabric ducting. It should go without saying that heating systems (the “H” in “HVAC”) can generate startling high temperatures. For the best heat resistance, it is recommended you use one of our stainless-steel options that can withstand some of the more extreme temperatures. The stainless steel and aluminium HVAC air ducts are also self-supporting, meaning they are able to maintain their structure without external support. With our self-supporting hoses you can stand them up and bend them in place to provide the strong airflow you need for proper ventilation and their support system will keep them in place. These metal hose options are a great choice for instances where there will be exposure to outside elements such as water and wind because these products are far more resistant to weathering - rest assured that your stainless steel and aluminium outdoor HVAC air ducts will pay for themselves many times over due to their durability and resistance to weathering effects of sun, rain, and atmosphere.

As with other types of ducting, HVAC air ducts have wide variety of accessories available to them that increase their overall usability. J-Lock connectors are one example of the multitude of devices that can be incorporated into flex ducting systems to enable greater connection security.

Whether you have an HVAC system that requires great flexibility and cold air or if you need a vent that can withstand high temperatures, weathering and support itself, ADCOR Fans has a flexible hose for the job. If you would like assistance in deciding what hose your job requires, one of our skilled staff are trained in all of our flexible ducts and they will be happy to help you over the phone.

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