In-situ dynamic balancing

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What is ‘In-situ Dynamic Balancing’?

In-situ balancing is a form of rotational balancing which is achieved on site. Similar to car tire balancing however on an industrial scale, most impellers/rotors will develop imbalance due to many factors; some unavoidable. It can be detected using Vibration Analysis. In static imbalance, there is a single heavy spot in the unit which generates an imbalance force; by applying a balance force in the opposite direction, the two forces cancel out leaving the unit neutral and free of imbalance.

Coupled imbalance can occur with larger plane distance, this is where there are two static spots on opposite planes are creating the imbalance forces. This can be described as a ‘twist’ in the unit balance. A combination of both coupled and static is where the opposite planes are out of sync and one side is also heavier than the other, this is called Dynamic Imbalance.

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