Leading Industrial & Mining Blowers

Adcor Fan Suppliers, provide a large range of heavy duty Industrial Blowers for specialised applications. Our highly motivated and experienced team place a great importance in working closely with our customers, understanding their needs and supply industrial blowers to satisfy all their requirements.

Industrial & Mining Fans Services

Our industrial blowers repair service includes impeller repair or duplicate construction, fan blade reinforcement, dynamic fan balancing for any size impeller and frequency testing. Sometimes repair on site is not possible for all sorts of reasons, we can cover this also as we have on many occasions provided a solution that best suits our customers' needs and budgets.

The company's industrial fan portfolio encompasses the following activities:

In Situ Balancing:

This involves the on site dynamic balancing of all rotating machinery such as fans, drives, rollers and motors.

Dynamic Balancing In The Workshop:

Loose rotating machinery that is balanced dynamically at our factory in Springs. Adcor Fan Services collects and delivers machinery from site to its factory and vice versa.


Fan refurbishment consists of dismantling, shot blasting, painting, repair and dynamic balancing of impellers, as well as supply of new bearings and dual bearing housings.

New Fan Supply:

Customer needs are accommodated by means of the new industrial and mining fans, and the upgrading of existing fans after conducting air flow tests.


We specialise in on-site erection of small and large industrial blowers, mining fans and the erection of steel structures, geared to specific customer needs.

Precision Machining:

All general machining, key ways, shafts and hubs are manufactured in our machine shop to perfection.

New Ducting Supply:

All general stainless steel, mild steel and galvanised customised ducting supplied. (Round, square and flexible)

What are Industrial blowers?

Industrial blowers are machines whose primary function is to provide a large flow of air to various processes of many industries. This is achieved by rotating a number of blades, connected to a hub and shaft, and driven by a motor or turbine. The flow rates of these fans range from approximately 200 to 2,000,000 cubic feet (5.7 to 57000 cubic meters) per minute. A blower is another name for a industrial fan that operates where the resistance to the flow is primarily on the downstream side of the fan.

There are many uses for the continuous flow of air or gas that industrial blowers generate, including combustion, ventilation, aeration, particulate transport, exhaust, cooling, air-cleaning, and drying, to name a few. The industries served include electrical power production, pollution control, metal manufacturing and processing, cement production, mining, petrochemical, food processing, cryogenics, and clean rooms.

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