Industrial Fan Experts.

What does it take to maintain industrial fans?

Fans provide solutions to various industrial processes within a vast range of industries including mining, electrical power production, building heating and ventilation (HVAC), metals production and processing, cement production, petrochemical and many more.

From combustion processes or cooling, to dust collection, material handling, air conditioning, extracting waste gasses, and chemical processing, industrial fans are the backbone of many industrial processes.

No matter the industry or the process the principal function of an industrial fan or blower is to provide and accommodate a flow of air or gas within industrial operations.

Generally, most industrial fans or blowers can be categorised into one of four fundamental types, which are named in relation to the direction of flow through the impeller:

These fan types differ from each other in design and functionality and ultimately are selected based on the amount of airflow, pressure, and efficiency required for the process.
This along with specific considerations related to the intended process conditions such as the gas temperatures or erosive / corrosive elements contained in the gas.

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